Fiddlers Run Marathon Update

screenshot-at-2016-09-12-080900Well, I didn’t run a full marathon and decided to stop at the half. I just wasn’t feeling the distance yesterday and didn’t want to put out an effort. Plus, I forgot my goddamn tags and didn’t notice till a mile in– no official timing now 🙁

I admit, my training had been poor leading up to the race. My focus shifted towards BJJ– What I started as cross-training was quickly becoming my main thing. I’m going to have to figure how to better balance both pursuits. Continue reading “Fiddlers Run Marathon Update”

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March update

Managed to wrap up February with a decent mileage week (31 miles). Got 27 miles over last week. Ran my furthest long run so far (14.2 miles) yesterday. From this point forward, every long run is going to be a milestone distance for me.

Feel pretty good and looking forward to 5 miles tomorrow.

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February is ending.

My training volume down-shifted a bunch. Lack of motivation, cold-weather, whole ‘lot of factors and excuses.

I did get some running in when I was in Texas last week– really nice to run with shorts on again.

Re-vamped my training plan to fit the remaining 17 weeks. I’ve got to maintain min. 35 miles a week till I taper.

Let’s see what March brings.

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