I picked the right day to start the program.


It rained overnight and I woke up to an overcast sky. The temperature was perfect (right around 15-16c) and a nice breeze blew from the ocean for the entire run.

All my runs start the same; A five minute warm-up, followed by a run segment, followed by a cool-down walk. My cool-down walk varies in time/distance but most days I try to keep it to five minutes or a 1/4 mile.

I run slow always. With the exception of a few days where I have to run at pace, all my mileage will be accumulated at a comfortable pace. I’m planning on speed-play down the road but for now I just want to get by on LSD.

A comfortable pace is going to be different for most people but a good way to determine it is with the talk test– can you hold a conversation without dying for a good portion of the run at this pace? If yes, you are doing it right; If no, slow down.

I use my heart rate to determine what’s comfortable for me and to ensure I am running at an aerobic threshold.

I’ll talk more next time about how I determined that.

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