Marathon training commenced (HHMW1D1 completed) … And an upcoming goal race.

I slacked off a bit on running after finishing the fiddlers run last week. I had to travel a bunch for work so I managed to squeeze in about 12 miles over the last two weeks of October. That is far off my weekly goal of 20-25 miles.

Anyway, started back at ‘er last night with a trail run.



I was only supposed to do 3 miles today but I felt great, so I decided to put a little mustard on it.

Goal Races

I’ve got two races coming up:

* Jingle Run 10k in November
* Hypothermic half marathon in jan 2016

I am training for marathon distance but not sure when that will be happening. The plan is 18 weeks long so sometime thereafter I imagine.

Once the 2016 race schedule starts to come together, I’ll have a better idea of when I will run my first marathon.

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