Yesterday was gorgeous. Temperature was around 16-17 degrees and the sun was beaming down all day. Pretty much a perfect day for running.


I’m trying to mix up training by doing pure road work and trail running. I have a pretty varied selection of routes available just outside my front door so it makes it easier to achieve that goal. Another requirement– I don’t want to run any runs with 0 elevation gain anymore, so I am including more hill running as well.


I’m slowly getting better at the uphills but still have some work to do. Each run, I am getting a little further up the hill before I have to switch over to power hiking.

That’s all for today.

I am going to be starting Stronglifts 5×5 today as part of my cross-training. I think I’ve got a pretty good plan that will fit perfectly with my running schedule and will share that in a later post.

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