Stronglifts and Running

Back in April, I ran the Stronglifts 5×5 program for a couple of months but ended up dropping it so I could focus on running. So many things were going on at that point that I couldn’t sustain the energy demand of both exercises.

Fast-forward six months, after getting a bit of a mileage base (almost 500 miles), I think I’m ready to start back again.

How do I fit it into the schedule?

  • SundayStronglifts
  • MondayRest
  • TuesdayRunning in morning, Stronglifts in evening.
  • WednesdayRunning
  • Thursday Running in morning, Stronglifts in evening.
  • Friday – Rest
  • SaturdayLong ass run.

Pretty simple, eh?

Tues and Thurs are my short run days (4 miles).

I hope this is maintainable as the weight goes up. That seemed to be the sticking point for me last time.

We’ll see how it goes.

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