Fiddlers Run Training Starting Slowly

Seaside Trail in Donkin, Cape Breton
Seaside Trail in Donkin, Cape Breton

On the third week of a 12 week program. I haven’t met my weekly mileage goals, I’m starting out a bit slower than I thought I would.

I reckon the fact that I started cross-training bjj/wrestling/kickboxing is partly to blame. I think I need a little bit more time to adjust to the increase in volume. A few tweaks to my diet and a whole heck of a lot more sleep for recovery.

The WASCALLY WABBIT was a big confidence booster for me in that I no longer fear marathon distance. IMG_4108After 17 miles and 2400 metres of elevation, I felt like I could have went the final 10 miles.

However, we will see if I have that same feeling come September.

I know I have a solid plan and as long as I commit to it, I will finish the marathon distance strong.

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