Fiddlers Run Marathon Update

screenshot-at-2016-09-12-080900Well, I didn’t run a full marathon and decided to stop at the half. I just wasn’t feeling the distance yesterday and didn’t want to put out an effort. Plus, I forgot my goddamn tags and didn’t notice till a mile in– no official timing now 🙁

I admit, my training had been poor leading up to the race. My focus shifted towards BJJ– What I started as cross-training was quickly becoming my main thing. I’m going to have to figure how to better balance both pursuits. Continue reading “Fiddlers Run Marathon Update”

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First Week of 55K Training Complete

Been doing a lot of reading and ended up modifying the hal higdon novice 2 with back-to-back runs on the weekend.

Finished up the first week with 36 miles. Going to be staying at a minimum of 35 mpw with two peaks of 45 mpw. My longest run will be 20 miles (twice).

Elevation gain & trail running are two things I will be concentrating on. I want to ensure I can handle the course elevation ( two loops of ascent 747m / descent 743m)

Fun times!

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GINGER RUNNER LIVE #4 | Training for your first Ultramarathon w/ Sally McRae & Chris Vargo

Streamed live on 3 Mar 2014

Tonight Chris Vargo and I are joined by the talented Sally McRae (Nike Elite) to talk about her recent SoB50/50 second place finish as well as drop some serious knowledge on those who are training for their first half marathon, full marathon or first ultramarathon. This is a must-see episode! Continue reading “GINGER RUNNER LIVE #4 | Training for your first Ultramarathon w/ Sally McRae & Chris Vargo”

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