Stronglifts and Running

Back in April, I ran the Stronglifts 5×5 program for a couple of months but ended up dropping it so I could focus on running. So many things were going on at that point that I couldn’t sustain the energy demand of both exercises.

Fast-forward six months, after getting a bit of a mileage base (almost 500 miles), I think I’m ready to start back again.

How do I fit it into the schedule?

  • SundayStronglifts
  • MondayRest
  • TuesdayRunning in morning, Stronglifts in evening.
  • WednesdayRunning
  • Thursday Running in morning, Stronglifts in evening.
  • Friday – Rest
  • SaturdayLong ass run.

Pretty simple, eh?

Tues and Thurs are my short run days (4 miles).

I hope this is maintainable as the weight goes up. That seemed to be the sticking point for me last time.

We’ll see how it goes.

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Can anyone run a marathon? How do you run 26.2 miles if you have trouble making it around the block? With good coaching, discipline, and lots of group support, as NOVA shows when it follows 13 generally sedentary people through a training regimen designed to prepare them for an ultimate test of stamina and endurance. Produced in cooperation with the Boston Athletic Association®, which granted NOVA unprecedented access to the 111th Boston Marathon®, and Tufts University, “Marathon Challenge” takes viewers on a unique adventure inside the human body, tracking the physiological changes that exercise can bring about.

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The High Fat Diet of an Ultra Runner

Published on Jun 9, 2015

Running continuously for over 100 miles in mountain terrain takes a different kind of athlete—and a different kind of diet. Through years of training as an ultra runner, Timothy Olson has taught his body to become “fat-adapted,” using fat from animals and plants to fuel him through feats that seems superhuman. In this episode of FUEL, we examine how Timothy’s food regimen benefits his performance.

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HHMW1D2 & D3 + misc updates

Figured I’d drop an update while I drink my morning coffee and get ready for my long run.

Day 2 – 5m

hhmw1d2hhmw1s2_lapsPretty decent run. Nothing remarkable to note. Feels good to be training again. I felt a little lost the previous 2 weeks without the focus that running brings me.

Day 3 – 3m

hhmw1d3hhmw1d3_lapsI joined the Strava Climbing Challenge this month. The challenge is to get 2000 metres of climbing in, so I am trying to choose run routes that have a good hill component to them.

Misc updates

Looks like the jingle run is off for me so I will have to find another 10k. No changes in plans for my Jan. half-marathon. Still no idea on when I will run a marathon but it’s looking like I will be “ready” by March.

The grand goal for 2016 is a 50k ultra (valley harvest run) but I really need to find out what 26.2 miles feels like first.

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Marathon training commenced (HHMW1D1 completed) … And an upcoming goal race.

I slacked off a bit on running after finishing the fiddlers run last week. I had to travel a bunch for work so I managed to squeeze in about 12 miles over the last two weeks of October. That is far off my weekly goal of 20-25 miles.

Anyway, started back at ‘er last night with a trail run. Continue reading “Marathon training commenced (HHMW1D1 completed) … And an upcoming goal race.”

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